Eric Rice: Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow

Eric Rice is in town tonight for his Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow. I’d love to see him speak, 7pm at Latitudes Bistro inside the Omni Hotel CNN Center, but I still have to pick up our ailing cat from the vet and I don’t have my own car. Drats!

Thankfully, I heard him speak this afternoon to a group of Turner web folks about blogging, podcasting, vlogging, open media, creative commons, TiVo and recording audio with his expensive video camera boom. Whew!

If I’m lucky, I’ll make his podcast of the event, since I asked a few questions. I’ll link it if and when it comes online.

In the interim, here are a few choice quotes from the talk and a Flickr photo from my phone:

“sweat equity”

Podcasters, Vloggers and Bloggers have it. Passion.

“Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land.”

Eric’s implorement that established media types luck us should jump into new things with both feet.

And, yes, the first one is a paraphrasing. Sue me (don’t really).

Eric Rice, I swear

Squint really hard. I swear that’s him at the head of the class.

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