Movie Review: Boiler Room

Saw Boiler Room on DVD over the weekend. Very late at night with no interruptions, concessions or refreshments. Thoughts in the common style follow.

Giovanni Ribisi being assertive and cocksure
Vin Diesel. It hurts me just typing that.

Giovanni Ribisi being vulnerable and sensitive
Nicky Katt’s hair
Scott Caan’s hair and entire character. All he ever plays are assholes with Napoleon complexes. I’m thinking it’s not an act.
Jamie Kennedy’s moustache
Ben Affleck. How hard is it to play Shannon Hamilton from Mallrats a second time?

No Opinion:
Giovanni Ribisi crying
Tom Everett Scott
Nia Long

This is an early 21st century version of Wall Street, complete with a complete non sequiter scene where the main players quote the movie while watching it. Come to think of it, this isn’t so much a movie as several semi-related vignettes that let these talented(?) young actors ham it up in character. It was enjoyable but overall not cohesive enough and a little too broad for my tastes. Too much character acting and characterization and not enough actual story or movie.

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