TiVo Postscript

In June, I blogged about the prospect of getting a new, cheap TiVo and my frustration at having been denied the $100 rebate on our Christmas TiVo. Well, I’m happy (and not so happy) to report that both issues have been resolved.

First, we didn’t get the new TiVo. Even with TiVo extending the purchase period, we’re either too busy or too lazy to pull the trigger. It’s too bad. That was a good deal and we would definitely appreciate the increased space and the ability to share programs room-to-room. Oh well, there’s always Christmas again.

Second, TiVo finally delivered on the promise of a $100 rebate. My bitchy blog post and email earned me a bump to the front of the rebate line and a personal response from TiVo. Six weeks later, I had my check. Sorry for waiting until today to tell you. I must have lost track in the giddyness of it all. $100 being such a large sum of money and all. 🙂

Still unresolved are the overcharges, despite the fact that I own two units. I guess my pissing and moaning aren’t over yet.

Woe be the TiVo rep who has to deal with me, now that I’m flush with cash and brimming with confidence from my recent victory. Who knows, maybe I’ll ask for the expired deal just to make up for all those overcharges.

Vivo TiVo!

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