New Bruster’s opens!

I live for Ice Cream. Bruster’s Ice Cream. I scream for Bruster’s Ice Cream!

These facts make it imperative that I tell you that my local Smynings-area now has a Bruster’s store.

Incidentally, it’s right across the street from a Carvel store that I will gladly frequent less now that I have Bruster’s available. Sorry, Fudgie the Whale.

But, in an ironic twist, the new location isn’t available on Google Maps or the Bruster’s site. Guess I’m left with no choice but to show you the route from my house to Carvel.

Bruster's route

Bruster's route

The second image is the relative location of local landmarks. We need a new satellite photo, so I’ve noted new buildings.

I’ll be taking a slightly-modified route to Bruster’s, but they’d better get me linkage soon. I wanna evangalize, brothers and sisters!

3 thoughts on “New Bruster’s opens!

  1. The Dentist

    Went to the new dentist today for a long-overdue and well-deserved check-up and cleaning. The old dentist wasn’t on our insurance and now I’ve come to find out, neither is the new dentist. Suck, suck, suck.
    Well, such is life. Here a…

  2. Mark says:

    I so totally disagree! I thought my neighborhood got a great boost with the Carvel. I used to go to Ben & Jerrys untill they closed. I tried Brusters a few times — there “ice cream” is garbage. And why would I sit in a parking lot? Brusters gets a big thumbs down. Long live Fudgie the whale!

  3. We will agree to disagree then, Mark. The service I get at Carvel is atrocious and the atmosphere isn’t much better. If I wanted to live in the northeast I would. I don’t need any more Yankees down here (ATL) telling me how they did it up there. I just don’t care.

    As for Bruster’s, I love their flavor selection, their small-town, outdoors-y feel and their nice people. I make an effort to go to Bruster’s; I’d go to Carvel as a last resort.

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