Jenn and I don’t drink much wine, but we do know what we like. For the second time in two years (or two years running, however you care to think about it), we ordered the same bottle of wine to accompany the same meal on our anniversary. Spare us the jokes about getting “old and funny” or being an “old, married couple”. It’s hitting a little too close to home.

The wine we ordered was a bottle of 2001 Glass Mountain Syrah. I’m the red wine lover, but Jenn really enjoys this particular variant. It’s got just enough woods-y aftertaste and sweetness to keep us both satisfied. If I could get my hands on a few bottles locally, we’d have another, more intimate anniversary celebration. 🙂

Wine Spectator had this to say about the 1999 vintage in case you question my wine-snob cred:

“Soft-textured, with light herbal flavors and cherry notes, finishing with soft tannins.”

Now one could argue that we don’t know what the hell that all means, and you’d be right. But we know what we like.

So now we want to go another wine adventure. A wine and blogging adventure, frought with danger, intrigue and no supply chain here in the states. What is it, you ask? Why the Stormhoek Blogger’s Wine Freebie, of course.

Now, Stormhoek sounds marginally like Ren’s cartoon chihuahua cousin, but maybe I’m just mis-pronouncing the name. Judging from all the blog posts flying around, it seems like this new brand of South African wines is really good. And by really good I mean getting a ton of buzz and lots of mentions on the internets and within the blogosphere.

While I don’t live in the UK or Ireland, I’m looking forward to trying a bottle with my wife. Once the blogger freebie crosses the pond, count me in as being queued up.

Via Stormhoek’s own blog I found this review of their Sauvignon Blanc by I think you’ll see why I might want to taste this wine.

Frech but not over-powering aroma – unripened limes, green sherbet and capsicum. Palate is medium-bodied, crisp and refreshing. Prehaps a little young as the flavours are rather ‘green’ – unripe pears springs to mind but fresh, crisp and juicy with a decent length of flavour and a level of crab-apple tartness. No alcohol recorded on the label. Screwcapped.
Scribblings Rating – 88/100

Am I on the HughTrain now?

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  1. Nick from Stormhoek says:

    Seth, you’re onthe Train and we will get you the newest release when the blog offer hits the states. Probably around October. Watch Gaping void and let us know your address when Hugh posts the offer.

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