Well, Jenn and I have made it around the sun one more time as a married couple, bringing our total to six. That’s right, six years of marriage and all I have to show for it is this blog post. 😉

Actually, we had a pretty cool anniversary. Sure, the power went out, delaying our plans for dinner and a movie. And maybe we had an univited houseguest or two. And perhaps we didn’t go see the movie.

But we did have a great meal. Jenn got some cool new sparklies from Fassy, courtesy of yours truly. We shared a great bottle of wine.

I couldn’t be happier:
A great wife.
A cool job.
An awesome kid.

Happy Anniversary!

2 thoughts on “Six!

  1. Happy anniversary, youse guys. 🙂 You’re way ahead of us in the marriage dept. I can only hope we someday make it to six years.

    And Seth, nice choice on getting some Fassy bling. The stuff on their site is all very colorful and cool. One of you definitely has good tastes (I dunno who pointed the site out to whom). 🙂

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