George Lowe in Soul Calibur II

So earlier this week, Jenn’s Sister-in-Law and her two kids were in town. Naturally, we spent some time together and Jenn’s nephew, Trevor, mentioned the video game Soul Calibur II. He says he played it all the time at his cousin’s house on GameCube and was floored by it.

So yesterday, I pull out the aforementioned Soul Calibur II, a game I got one Christmas and had played a grand total of once previously, to see if it lived up to the hype. I’m normally a fan of the Capcom 2D fighters like Night Stalkers, Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom, so a 3D fighter a la Virtua Fighter isn’t my first choice, but many apart from Trevor have given it good marks. It didn’t disappoint.

The first feature to catch my attention was the voice-over of the announcer in the game. None other than George Lowe, Mr. Tad Eustice Ghostal AKA Space Ghost, himself. George is an hilarious voice actor whose booming baritone and ironic inflection are completely unmistakable. The man is hilarious, and I was excited that someone so humorous was a part of such a violent, beat-em-up game.

Only problem is his IMDB and WikiPedia bios don’t mention the VO. Nor does the IMDB entry for the game.

I know it’s him.
I hear his voice all the time on local radio and TV ads.
I’m willing to bet $100 it’s him.

My dilemma is that he doesn’t have an official site (near as I can tell) or a valid email address, or I’d ask myself. So I left the following message on the IMDB message boards:

I can’t find confirmation online anywhere, but I’m fairly certain George does the voice-over for the “announcer” in the video game Soul Calibur II. Can anyone else confirm/deny this? Thanks.

Curioser and curioser.

Until I find out, I’m just going to have to play some more Soul Calibur II and watch more [adult swim]. Pray for me.

Just cuz I luvs ya: Tampa Tribune interview with Mr. George Lowe.

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