Yet Another post about flash games

I’m sick. Someone stop me before I become the next Little Fluffy Industries.

More flash games for your amusement and general time-suck.

Bouncy: Poom
My depth perception must totally blow. I find myself cheating using the bouncing ball’s shadow.

Typing: LEtters
NOT a typo. A flash game for those of us that had to take a “keyboarding” class in middle school. I wish I’d paid better attention and learned to type earlier. My wife is always complaining about my lead fingers and the deafening “clack” of my keyboard.

Sheepish: Sheep Shooting
Twitchy, reaction time game featuring sheep and a tranquilizer gun.

“Go” Clone: Bubble Fun
Frustrating, mostly because winning requires total board domination, unlike “Go”.

Target Practice: Ablast 3D
Relive your Tie Fighter glory days without finding those old Lucas Arts disks.

“Bust-a-Move” clone with Flowers: Flower Power
Not half bad. Not half good either.

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