Dad versus Katrina

Thankfully, my Dad wasn’t travelling to New Orleans last weekend. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a bunch of piss and vinegar to say about current events. Below are the texts of two emails he sent me, posted here with his permission.

Part I:

Have you been blogging about what a great position G.W. has put the country in so that we are unable to help the folks in New Orleans! The Nation Guard is in Iraq ( and don’t forget they don’t get the same benefits as active armed services get in a combat situation), the Army core of Engineers have had 80% of their budget diverted to support Home Land Security.


My response:

I should blog about it.

Better yet, I may just post the text of your email.

Part II:

Please be my guest.

A lame duck who has absolutely no idea what the average American is going through. I ask Thad how business was last night and he response was as follows: “Things would be fine if everyone would not have gone into complete panic over the perceived gas shortage. Are you going to spend $50.00 on a Steak when you just spent $70.00 to fill-up your car. ”

Once again thanks G.W. for looking out for the average guy. So who gets hurt SMALL Business the backbone of the American economy.

The background here is that Thad is the manager of a small, privately-owned steakhouse in Newnan. It’s a great little local place on the town square that literally came out of nowhere and is now the toast of the town.

Don’t want to believe me, my Dad and my brother? Here are some links to chew on:

I’m praying for everyone on the Gulf Coast each day and each night. I’ll clear a room for you, if you can make it to Atlanta. I’m donating my money to the Red Cross, via a fund-matching site from my employer. I’m helping, but I’m afraid that the ass-backwards response of our leaders are pathetic.

One thought on “Dad versus Katrina

  1. Josh says:

    It’s a terrible tradegy, and one that makes you wonder if they should even try to rebuild where it once was.

    Not to make light of the situation, but it’s getting so bad down there that its starting to resemble a third entry in John Carpender’s “Escape From…” movie series. Any second I expect to see Snake Plisken (sp?) and his wacky eyepatch taking out some looters.

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