The Muppet Show Season One on DVD

After speaking again with Cait at M80 [see previous post], I’ve decided to post the Press Release for The Muppet Show Season One on DVD. You can either download the Word Doc or read the full text here:



The First Season on DVD For the First Time Ever!


The Ultimate Collector’s Edition Available On DVD August 9

It’s time to raise the curtain on The Muppet Show! Join Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, the Swedish Chef and more, in the first season of this groundbreaking twist on the classic variety show. The first season is on DVD for the first time ever. THE MUPPET SHOW SEASON ONE contains all 24 episodes, completely restored and remastered.

Come discover for yourself the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational pleasures of THE MUPPET SHOW SEASON ONE, available on DVD in a 4-disc DVD set.

The first season of the Muppet’s groundbreaking show features guest stars Joel Grey, Connie Stevens, Ruth Buzzi, Rita Moreno, Jim Nabors, Florence Henderson, Harvey Korman, Lena Horne, Peter Ustinov, Sandy Duncan, Candice Bergen, Ben Vereen, Phyllis Diller, Vincent Price, Valerie Harper, Ethel Merman, and more.

DVD Bonus Features:

-Jim Henson’s original “pitch reel”
The reel that propelled the Muppets’ blend of original songs, sketch comedy and guest stars into a primetime hit for all ages.

-Muppet Morsels

-Original Pilot

-Season One Promotional Gag Reel

-Collectible Packaging – With A Fun, Furry Touch


Suggested retail price: $39.99 (Four-disc DVD)
Rated: Not yet rated. Bonus material not rated and subject to change.
DVD aspect ratio: 1.33:1 formatted 4×3
DVD Sound: 2.0 Mono
DVD Language: English audio


Per my earlier caveats, I’m receiving a copy of the DVD myself for review here on the blog. I’ll post the review ASAP after I get the DVD. It strikes me as odd that the DVD came out 3 weeks ago and I only got contacted last week, but I won’t question that decision too much because of the freebie.

I also promised complete transparency, so here are my correspondences with Cait leading up to this post.

Hi Seth,

Thanks for both your responses. I’d be more than happy to send you a copy of
the DVD for you to review. There’s no need to send it back to me when you’ve
finished…you can keep the copy for yourself.

Per your request, I have attached a copy of the press release. Please feel
free to post it on your blog if you so choose.

I understand that your credibility as a blogger is very important and I
would never ask you to post something on your blog that you felt
uncomfortable with. I personally feel that transparency is an honorable
action to take, and I respect you for being honest with your readers. If
you’d feel more comfortable labeling the press release as a promotion on
your blog, that’s fine by us as well.

Our main goal is to reach out to the fans and let them know about the DVD’s
availability. If you’re interested in helping us out by posting a press
release and/or a review of the DVD on your blog, then we’d be delighted to
work with you…if not, it’s no problem!

Best Regards,

My response:


Thanks for getting back in touch with me. I’ll likely post the Press
Release along with your email ASAP, probably tomorrow.

I’ll also post a review of the DVD after I’ve received it and had a
chance to view it.

Thanks for contacting me. I’ll send URLs of all relevant posts as
they appear on my site.


Please let me know if you like my posting the press release or you hate it. This experiment really is the strange intersection of personal recommendation and paid consideration. I want your feedback, especially since I’m of two minds about the whole thing.

I guess I really want to know if you’ll respect me in the morning. 😉

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