CD Review: OK Go’s Oh No


OK Go‘s sophomore album Oh No is an awesome power-pop jolt. It’s got this kind of obvious infectious energy that makes my leg keep pumping under my desk at work.


If you aren’t a fan, but you like well-produced, up-tempo, fun-lovin’ power-pop, this album is for you. Think a poppier Weezer or an American version of Franz Ferdinand or The Killers.

If you’re already a fan, why are you reading this?

Oh No

Best party tracks:

2. Do What You Want
6. It’s A Disaster
7. A Million Ways
10. Crash The Party
11. Television Television

To keep up with the band on tour, visit their blog or listen to their podcast.

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  1. Damian Kulash on DRM

    I knew there was (yet another) reason to love Damian Kulash, lead singer of the band OK Go. Apart from their killer new album, Oh No, amazing video for the song A Million Ways and their blog and podcast (blogged here, and here) – he’s quite the…

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