PEZ MP3 is Coming!

I got an email blast thisweek from the guy who’s making the PEZ MP3.

Good news!

Pre-orders for the PEZ MP3 player are coming soon.

Members of this mailing list will have the first shot at pre-ordering the first edition PEZ MP3 player, so stay tuned.

For those that don’t know the PEZ MP3 is an mp3 player built into the housing of a Pez dispenser. Apparently the guy has a licensing deal with the Pez folks for the devices.

They’ll be kinda like an iPod mini, only “sweeter”. πŸ˜‰

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

If I didn’t already own an iPod (and soon to own an iPod mini shuffle [thx Bill]), I might buy one of these when they hit the market. Although if I could get a Darth Vader PEZ MP3 playing The Imperial March, it might just be geeky-cool enough for me to justify the expense. Maybe.

One thought on “PEZ MP3 is Coming!

  1. Soon to own an iPod shuffle, not mini. Unless you’re talking about something else completely, or know something I don’t know.

    And I didn’t know you already had an iPod. Cool beans. I have geek envy.

    As for the PEZ player, I am sort of an unofficial PEZ collector, and I recently got Maddie hooked on the stuff. So I love the idea of the MP3 Player, though I probably won’t be able to afford/justify getting one. πŸ™

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