Bulldog Bite

Yesterday’s contest between the hedges wasn’t a contest at all, it was a mercy killing. Georgia dismantled the toothless attack of the Boise State Broncos in an almost surgical manner. For me, here are the telling stats and highlights.

  1. 6 TD for DJ Shockley – 5 throwing, 1 rushing
  2. 6 TO forced for the Dawg defense – 4 INT, 2 FUM recoveries
  3. 3 – Number of quarterbacks that saw action for each side – good to see youngsters get reps
  4. 48-13. Nuff Said

I’m really excited about this new and improved DJ Shockley. After some of his performances during the David Greene era, you had to wonder if he was as talented as they said he was, or if he was just Richt’s pet project.

Now we know. 3 years fighting tooth and nail for a starting job and practicing, learning and preparing for the eventuality paid off. He’s mobile, agile and hostile (sorry) and he throws an amazing deep ball.

I’m still concerned that we don’t run often or well enough considering our talent and tailback and I’d like to see better run defense and special teams. That said, we ought to crush Steve Superior Spurrier and the Gamecocks next week.


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