Lost: Man of Science, Man of Faith

The season premiere episode of Lost, “Man of Science, Man of Faith,” aired tonight and it was fantastic. While we were promised that we’d find the answers to what was inside the hatch, that wasn’t technically the case. We got some more tantalizing and intricate details to be sure, but that really only muddied the waters.

Here are my questions/talking points for the first episode:

  1. Walt
    • What did Walt say?
    • Was he speaking backwards?
    • Did he mentin Locke? (I swear I heard it, but closed captioning lists Walt’s official dialogue as “whispers indistinctly”)
    • Was he dripping in water? oil? blood?
  2. Quarantine
    • The sign was on the inside, meaning the quarantine applied to things outside the hatch
  3. Desmond
    • Is he running from the devil?
    • Is he still participating in his “race around the world”?
  4. Jack
    • Is he a man of science, a man of faith, both or neither?
    • Is Locke the man of faith?
    • Is Desmond the man of faith?

This first episode was so good, I can’t wait to learn more!

And that’s the thing about this show, it always leaves you wanting more.

As always, leave your question and comments and let’s wait on pins and needles for the next episode together.

UPDATE: Jamie, in the comments, is all over another plot-point: “Add up all the numbers on the hatch and you’ll get 108–the number that was written all over the mural.” Nice catch, Jamie.

11 thoughts on “Lost: Man of Science, Man of Faith

  1. Thanks for stopping by and for the links. I was captivated as always and can not wait till the next episode. I feel like someone has pulled the plug since I am so used to the DVD set of the first season going over each and every episode if needed.

    I thought Walt was dripping in water to make it look like he swam to shore. Maybe he escaped, I don’t know but he definatly was not right.

    It is amazing how everyone is linked one way or another to eachother. Like they were the choosen few.

  2. lisa says:

    my local radio station rigured out what walt said, play it backwards…”push the button, no buttons bad”. In Philadelphia the local rock station has an hour long LOST discussion that’s great! I posted more stuff I found out on the TV Squad website…

  3. What did Walt say?

    Building off my previous post on the Lost season two premiere, “Man of Science, Man of Faith,” I’d like to open the floor (comments & trackbacks) for discussion of what Walt said to Shannon.
    As I’d previously posited, Wal…

  4. yosmu says:

    Locke is the man of faith and Jack the man of science. As it became clear in the end of season 1 finale and destination lost.

  5. yosmu says:

    One more thing I find interesting is. That the girl Jack was operating got cured from paralysis just like Locke AND Desmond had something to do with that and he is also on the island.. I see a pattern.

  6. yosmu says:

    Sorry to keep flooding, but something else interesting popped into my head 😉

    On the inside of the hatch it says quarantine. In one of the first season episodes Russou (or the french chick) said that she had to kill all her companions because they were sick.. sick – quarantine, another pattern.. maybe.

  7. cyberdam says:

    ive also played it backwards and walt definately say press the button but as for no buttons bad i cant be 100% sure its a bit mumbled but it could be it.

    did any body else notice that desmond said to jack what if you did fix her (paralysis) , implying that he knew that she was “fixed”, I also think that when he said “you need to lift it up” will have another meaning later on. maybe im reading into it a bit much though

    good catch on the 108 jamie

  8. cyberdam says:

    could desmond be the devil?

    is everyone on the island there because they sold their soul.
    jack sold it to let sarah walk again
    locke to be able to walk again

    i recokon in the next few flash backs desmond is going to be in everyones falshback

  9. carl says:

    yosmu mentioned the quarentine a few messeges up and the fack that people were sick. in first scene of man of faith man of science the guy was injecting the medicine into his arm with the “numbers” on the lable. is this the cure for the disease?

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