Friday Movie Trailers

No links to the Apple trailer section for me in this post. No, I’m linking to official sites today.

I’m jealous of all you movie-going non-parents. You get to see cool trailers in the theatre and then see the films in cavernous, cool comfort.

Me, I’ve got the internet and TV to sate me. Enjoy!

That movie based on that cancelled tv show by that Buffy guy.
I’m signing up for free passes.

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Stop-motion claymation silliness.

Deep Blue
March of the Penguins without Morgan Freeman and with sharks and other deep-sea nasties.

Courtney Cox thriller that isn’t Scream.

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
An unwieldy name for a syrupy Julianne Moore movie.

V for Vendetta
Comic Book hijinks from those brothers who ruined The Matrix franchise.

In Her Shoes
Based on a Jennifer Weiner novel, though she gets no credit in the trailer.
Jenn has this book, but hasn’t read it. Neither have I.

The upcoming Steve Martin movie (Based on his novel) that isn’t The Pink Panther.

Walk The Line
Joaquin Phoenix as Johnnie Cash. He does his own signing.

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