AdWords Spammer

Complain about your blog revenue, get an unsolicited email from this dumb guy.

He wants to teach me to “Make your adwords even more relevant.” Full text for the brave/stupid:


I have just added a new article to my site which is available for anyone to republish on their blog.

The article is about using the regions and cities option in Adwords to gain a slight advantage over those that just choose countries.

I’d love it if a high quality blog like yours mentioned or featured it, if you leave me a link to my site that would be great but I will leave that down to hoe you feel about it.



Let’s forget for a moment that I’m not actually doing an advertising myself. You see, AdSense is for content providers (bloggers like me) and AdWords is for advertisers. This dolt apparently can’t discern between the two.

So, all I can say is this half-wit spammer didn’t do all of his homework. He did get a link out of me, but I think I’ve made it obvious that he’s a no-talent charlatan.

5 thoughts on “AdWords Spammer

  1. Just to point out this is an article designed to help people who advertise using adwords not to help content publishers…… I also do not have any adsense on my site – its a service to help others – Dumbass….

  2. Since I don’t advertise with adwords, the fact that you emailed me wanting me to pimp your lame article means you truly are an idiot.

    I appreciate the fact that you can own up to the fact that you’re a half-wit.

  3. You’re a dolt. I linked to your site, but I did so in a way that will make your site come up in search engines as “half-wit spammer”, “dumb guy” and “dolt”.

    They’re links, but they’re hardly ringing endorsements.

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