The Power of Play at Work

Keith at To-Done has an excellent post this week on fun work environments and their effects on workers. As a proud employee of TBS, the ‘very funny’ network, part of my official duties include thinking up ways for folks to have fun in office environments. Seriously,

A couple of months ago we launched a section of our site titled ‘At Work‘ that seeks to bring cube-stranded folks everywhere a little bit of joy, fun and playtime during their work day. Hey, just because you’re shackled to a desk for 8-10 hours a day doesn’t mean you can’t goof off sometimes.

In short, I think Keith has done an excellent job of identifying some very cool ways in which people can incorporate a little much-needed levity into workday. We’re certainly doing our part at to try and improve morale and productivity by momentarily reducing morale and productivity. 🙂

Thanks for writing a great post, Keith, and reminding everyone (as if we needed a reminder) that a smile and a chuckle can go a long way in changin rote into ROTFLMAO.

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