Touched by His Noodly Appendage

I’ve mentioned Flying Spaghetti Monsterism before, but until now I haven’t read much of the first-hand background information concerning the prophet Bobby Henderson. Luckily enough for all of us believers, Gelf Magazine has an informative and hilarious interview with the man behind the Pastafarians.

The best section is brother Henderson’s discussion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster speaking to him:

I had of course seen spaghetti several times throughout my life, but it wasn’t until He revealed Himself to me and touched me with His Noodly Appendage that I knew I was Chosen. Does He still speak to me? If by that you mean “Do I hear voices in my head?” the answer is yes. Further evidence that He is near me abounds. I oftentimes find that I have made mistakes in my day-to-day activities. These, clearly, are the work of a mischievous Flying Spaghetti Monster, tampering with my work with His Noodly Appendage, purely for his own amusement.

I’m also encouraged and my faith is strengthened by this blessing:

Random acts of piratical expression are encouraged.

Hilarious and saintly stuff here. Enjoy.

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