Genetic Mirror Theory of Lost

The Rossau Genetic Mirror Theory (GMT) appears to be a rather cogent analysis of what is happening on the TV show Lost. Needless to say, the numbers are a big piece of the puzzle. The basic premise stipulates that your doppleganger exists somewhere on the earth and that you are only 4 degrees of separation away from that person.

Numeric Breakdown:
4 degrees of separation, not 6 or 7, exist.

There is an 8th continent – the Lost island.

The chances of you actually meeting yourself (doppleganger) on this place, as in 15 out of 4,815,162,342.

The 16 stands for the maximum amount of people that could encounter thier twin all at the same time.

The 23 is the number of years apart your twin and yourself are. You are not the same age as your twin. By chance and probablity it takes 23 years exactly for the same genes that made you to be connected again to form another you.

The 42 stands for the maximum number of years your twin and yourself can be alive at the same time.

Of course, the whole thing could be total bunk, and it looks like it might just be a red herring, a leak from the set, or an elaborate viral on the part of the producers. Take your best guess. Still interesting though.

ADDED BONUS: Go to, click on the barcode and enter the text “theislandiswaiting”. What you find seems to support this theory.

Maybe it does all add up. The French woman’s name (Rosseau), Desmond (his doppleganger?) in the hatch …

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UPDATE: TV Squad is blogging this theory as well. Good discussion.

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UPDATE III: The whole thing is a hoax, created independently of the show’s producers. Read my mea culpa.

4 thoughts on “Genetic Mirror Theory of Lost

  1. Kate says:

    Supposedly Written By Marseille Rousseau

    Specifically this end part of the article that is circulating around giving the ‘theory’ of the numbers 4,8,15,16,23 & 42:

    Roussau and his team (wife, included) went to the 8th continent. You can figure out how they died and why by the numbers and equations. It also fits with every character. You can predict when they will die. There are others on the island who are twins of the survivors, but have been there 23 years longer.
    There is a book Roussau wrote 16 years ago in 1988 when he came up with the theory. Thats where I got it from.
    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the basis for the story!!!!! Danielle Rousseau IS THE WIFE. She said her and her HUSBAND and their TEAM were on a scientific expedition. Her husband IS Marseille.
    The show premiered in the year 2004 .. subtract 16 (the number of years Danielle has been stranded on the island) from 2004 = 1988 the ‘supposed’ year this guy wrote the theory.
    This is more stuff to make us think and drive us crazy!!!!!!!!

  2. All good points, Kate.

    The more I think about this theory, the more I think it’s something planted by the producers online.

    Whether or not it’s eventually born out in the show, it makes for a fun time in the intervening days.

  3. Genetic Mirror Theory Hoax

    Yeah, I’m a sucker. A huge sucker.
    It seems as though that whole Genetic Mirror Theory of Lost, which I blogged about last week, is nothing more than a hoax.
    Get all the gory details here.
    I should have been tipped off this morning when some…

  4. Kris says:

    I question all of this. For some reason the 42 years part really jumps out at me. Why would you or your twin have to pass on after living for 42 years at the same time? Make no sense to me.

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