Storm Hawks

This morning I found a strange DVD in the main conference room on my floor. It was a promotional trailer for a new CGI cartoon, Storm Hawks, produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment, makers of Dragon Booster (which I haven’t seen).

I was able to dredge up this press release about the show, but that’s about it.

The DVD is dated August 24, 2005 and runs 3 minutes, 24 seconds.

The whole thing is basically one long chase/fight sequence that resolves into an even larger battle. It’s the kind of thing that makes 9-year-old boys salivate with delight, trying to emulate the faux-anime fight moves all the while bugging their parents to buy them toys.

If it gets picked up by anyone, I think it’d be a Thundercats-sized hit. Although the name Storm Hawks brings to mind that cult classic 80’s action cartoon, Silverhawks.

These shows seem different, though. Storm Hawks looks like Nausicaa on speed.

3 thoughts on “Storm Hawks

  1. Gerald says:

    Hi. Any chance of posting some clips of it? I found some more sites with info on it, I would like to see some of it.


  2. MouseyWithMoxy says:

    Today, May 25, 207 at 9:30pm central standard time was the pilot on cartoon network.

    Lots of action. Visually engaging CG. I can already see this as a video game, and merchandising would be crazy not to go for it. The Logos of the Storm Hawks and their enemies, the forces of Cyclonia, will make excellent T-shirts.
    This show will likely be a marketing success, but nowhere near the cult following of Thundercats. There are just too many other epic-storyline action series to contend with.

    A group of teenagers are prepared to become an officially sanctioned team of Sky Knights, defenders for their homeland, Atmos. They are mostly qualified, especially their leader, Arrow, who has completed his trials to become a Sky Knight, but they are too young. The current and last surviving team of knights, called the Red Eagles, are betrayed by their leader. He attacks his men and attempts to steal the Aurora Stone, the symbol of Atmos and source of protective power. The Sky Hawks rush and save the stone, temporarily.

    The leaders of Atmos send the juvenile team to seek help from an allie, but Cyclonia sends a legion to attack the city and the Sky Hawks must confront them. The Sky Hawks fail, so they must journey to Cyclonia to retrieve the Aurora Stone.

    I Loved the following:
    1. In the badguy theme music, there is a pronounced viola motive (it may be a violin, but I don’t think so). Every time it plays, a badguy will randomly pull out a viola from behind his back and play the tune while attacking the Sky Hawks. One villain (girl with magenta hair) plays it on her bow and arrow.
    2. Motorcycles that turn into jet propelled biplanes! It’s like three of my favorite machines rolled into one.
    3. The female characters are well balanced between protagonists and antagonists, and both sides, male and female, kick butt.
    4. Radar Rocks!

    submitted by MouseyWithMoxy

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