What makes an idea viral?

Seth Godin does it again, presenting his definitive list of what makes an idea viral.

I think these two points are key:


Notice that ideas never spread because they are important to the originator.

Good to remember that, as marketers, we care about these ideas, but other people don’t have to. And our level of caring has little to do with the success of the ideas.


That’s because spreading an idea is rarely a thoughtful, voluntary act. Instead, it is near the core of who we are, and we often do it without thinking much about the implications.

So the idea doesn’t necessarily have to be something the spreader cares about either, it just has to be easy to spread.

Really, nobody has to care about the idea, which is why web fads are so ephemeral. But I’m willing to bet you’ll pass along the next one just like I will. đŸ˜‰

Go read the rules. Seth (Godin, not me) is the expert here.

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