Rory Gilmore Sex Boat

Last night’s episode of Gilmore Girls, The UnGraduate, had a tantalizing and funny bit specifically for bloggers.

It seems that everyone at Yale, Paris Geller included, knows about Rory’s boat-stealing incident via the Rebecca Thurston’s blog. Paris tells Rory to Google “Rory Gilmore sex boat” to find all the details.

Following Paris’ advice, I found out that no blog exists and that no blogger has taken the bait (until now). Try it yourself and see.

Two thoughts:

  1. If you’re a TV show and you mention a website or blog, build it out.
    Even if it’s threadbare and shitty, it shows that you made the effort to tie your online to your on-air. Hip shows like The Simpsons and Harvey Birdman do it, so everyone should do it.
  2. If you don’t put up a site, especially one referenced in a Google search, you’re asking for someone (me) to (potentially) be the first result.
    I’m no expert, but given the post title and the content, I should be number one for “Rory Gilmore sex boat” by tomorrow. If all the fans would have had an actual blog to linkto, the whole thing could have been much more popular and very viral
  3. .

Rory Gilmore may have entered the blogosphere, but The WB hasn’t.

Do your homework, WB. That’s it.

Update: It’s over 15 years later and I’m watching this episode again with all 4 kids, Jenn, and my in-laws. Still funny even if I’m not the top spot anymore.

57 thoughts on “Rory Gilmore Sex Boat

  1. Nette says:

    So, how many hits DO you get on this site? I am watching reruns of Gilmore Girls, and decided to google as suggested. It would have been fun for someone to have written a blog, I agree. But also interesting to read your rant. I concur with the other statement..I’m sad it ended

  2. Janis says:

    I have watched the UnGraduate probably around 100 times and I had to google “Rory Gilmore Sex Boat” this time. Nurse Brittany….I’m with you. I completely miss GG and I wished they had made it to at least season 10!

  3. Michael A. Ard-Kelly says:

    If enough of us actually take the bait and google the term, maybe WB will see the interest that is out there and do a Stars Hollow-Five Years Later type of movie?

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