The Octagon symbol on ABC’s Lost

What is the strange octagonal symbol on all the items within the hatch on Lost? Is it a Ba Gua Octagon? Is it an I-Ching bagua. Are these the same thing? Is it a Dharma?

The three things seem inter-related, but I’m not Eastern Religions expert. I think they’re all stones on the same path.

Here’s my analysis of the corresponding I-Ching numerals, called trigrams or bagua (see a trend?) and their meaning, as they relate to the Lost “code” [Via Wikipedia].

4 – Youthful Folly
8 – Holding Together
15 – Modesty
16 – Enthusiasm
23 – Splitting Apart
42 – Increase

Your guess is as good as mine whether or not these symbols represent individuals on the island, the arc of the storyline, or the general reason why things happen the way they do.


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2 thoughts on “The Octagon symbol on ABC’s Lost

  1. Lost: Adrift

    So tonight’s Lost episode, Adrift, was just that. Busy, meandering, with lots of threads of many storylines. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it did require some TiVo rewinding.
    My key takeaways/questions:

    The man in the hatch is Desmond, …

  2. Lorena Rosas says:

    pues interezante, tu investigacion de los numeros, en Mexico aun no aparece la segunda temporada pero felicidades me abri mucho las espectativas en el futuro, suerte en todo

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