Lost: Adrift

So tonight’s Lost episode, Adrift, was just that. Busy, meandering, with lots of threads of many storylines. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it did require some TiVo rewinding.

My key takeaways/questions:

  1. The man in the hatch is Desmond, whom Jack met in L.A. years ago.
  2. Walt and the Polar Bear have been linked for a long time. Did Walt create the Polar Bear on the island?
  3. The quarantine label on the hatch door did apply to the outside world. The sickness has now been verified by both Rousseau and Desmond, but what is it?
  4. The octagonal symbol inside the hatch is most likely related to the Ba Gua Octagon as posited yesterday TV Squad.
  5. Who is the “him” referenced by Desmond? The Devil? Ethan? Rousseau’s husband? Walt?
  6. The “code” for the computer is 4 8 15 16 23 42, just like Jenn said.
  7. What is the significance of 10800? It’s certainly derived from the numbers, but what does it mean? My wife thinks it was a timer: 10,800 minutes which is exactly 7.5 days. If it’s seconds, that’s 7.5 hours.
  8. What is the significance of the Apollo brand candy bar, if any? Did I read that label correctly? Surely it wouldn’t be a Pollo (chicken) candy bar. By the way, this is in no way related to the Lost Candy Bar.
  9. Why was Desmond’s injection shown again in the intro?
  10. What did one silhouette snowman say to the other silhouette snowman? I’ve Googled this and can’t find the riddle or the reference. If you know that code (or want to weigh in on any of this), leave a comment. This is the same cheesy joke Michael told Walt in one of his letters.

Until next week, enjoy this Rolling Stone article about Evangeline Lilly.

UPDATE: The octagon/dharma symbol is, in fact, on the shark’s underside. Rewound the TiVo and saw it myself. That’d be number 11 on my list.

UPDATE II: My new analysis of the “code” numbers, as seen through the prism of the dharmic/bagua/i-ching lens.

4 thoughts on “Lost: Adrift

  1. Ahh…
    I gotta wait til friday night to download the torrent to see the newest episode…last week and this week too I checked your site on Thursday and WHAM a Lost post!! Just a simple glance is enough to give away the entire episode!!! Thus I might have to avoid your blog on Thursdays!

  2. Alecia McLochlin says:

    Didn’t know if you knew this already, but all the code numbers for the computer add up to 108. Thus, the 108 on the timer. (rest of zeroes were milliseconds)

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