Klik is not Pez

Passing through the candy aisle (not the Halloween candy section) at Target yesterday afternoon, I noticed what looked to be a very ornate Spider-Man Pez dispenser. To my surprise, it was actually a Marvel Klik Dispenser, marked down to .84 cents on clearance.

Who knew Pez had a competitor in the licensed candy dispenser segment? Not me.

What I find most interesting about this whole thing is that Marvel also licenses their super-heroes to Pez. Check it out, the Marvel Super Heroes Pez collection.

Klik may be a cooler mechanism and better quality production, but nothing beats that Pez candy. Smarties, which come with Klik, are nice, but they ain’t Pez.

Marvel, get with the licensing program! Or am I being a crotchety old man?

Let me know in the comments. ‘Nuff said.

6 thoughts on “Klik is not Pez

  1. […] I found an interesting candy post over at Mostly Muppet about Klik and Pez: Klik may be a cooler mechanism and better quality production, but nothing beats that Pez candy. Smarties, which come with Klik, are nice, but they ain’t Pez. […]

  2. jk says:

    Klick dispensers are a marvel of modern engineering. They stay open while loading, and hold the entire pack of smarties that can be loaded all at once. Add to that the ease of opening up a pack of smarties and your loading these babies at light speed-one handed. By the time your done loading a Pez dispenser, well who cares anymore after all that fuss. Klicks are so easy my Kids insist on loading their own ‘marties’ in their ‘marty penser’. Au’Some Candies Baby!

    I wonder if the inventor of Pez had children?.

  3. Precious Schulze says:

    Klik candy dispensers are awesome!!
    My kids and I love to klik candy at each other, and we all love the bubble gum better than Pez candy.
    Klik candy dispensers have already been around a few years, I have over 10 of them so far and are collecting more over a period of time.
    I have 2 of the cartoon character Hamster Kliks,
    I have 2 of the Nutcracker Kliks, I have some of the Marvel characters including Spiderman and Storm, and 2 different Hulks one featuring dark green skin, the other a lighter green skin. Plus I have all 3 of the American Idol Kliks (Randy African Amercian,Simon caucasion, and Paula the lady klik too. Plus more!!
    I think they will get more popular and go up in value fast(the retired ones especially.)
    Ausome candies who makes the Klik candy dispensers will be opening their own online store soon at their website.
    In the near future I will be selling Klik candy dispensers on hot-auctions.net probably before christmas 2006 as they are giving free credit of 50.00 to sell can’t pass that up.
    Ebay started their website selling Pez, so now it is time to sell Kliks, and of course keep collecting them too!! The first Pez command thousands of dollars each now, what if Klik gets as popular or even more so??

  4. I like it that there are so many that list these kliks. I have been a collector of these since they were first introduced. I would like a list of all these dispensers (including variations)plus a timeline.

  5. Something about Pez says:

    people need to shut up! i think pez dispensers are awesome i just spent $38 on eBay for 17 pez dispensers! i have over 100 pez dispensers. if u have any questions about pez or my post just gmail me at student26@nbas.org

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