AOL acquires Weblogs, Inc.

Rafat Ali of Paidcontent had the scoop last night that AOL was acquiring Weblogs, Inc.

Now we’ve got Jason Calacanis confirming the sale/purchase.

Other big blogs commenting:

Sean Bonner

Blogebrity actually has the best round-up.

Long story short: the whole blogsphere is abuzz [Technorati].

I have one slightly selfish question. Since I work for a Time Warner business unit, a certain Very Funny cable network, does that give me an in for potentially writing for TV Squad now?

UPDATE: Problogger has deal details, while Rexblog and Ed Bott see the potential downsides of the deal.

I think all those bloggers need raises, Blackberrys and free AOL accounts, so I guess I’m in the same camp as Rex and Ed on this issue.

Do right by Weblogs, Inc. AOL!

2 thoughts on “AOL acquires Weblogs, Inc.

  1. From the looks of it, WIN still has full editorial control to itself. So unfortunately, you’ll have to get into TV Squad by your merit. On the bright side, this blog looks quite meritable. Try applying at their home page.

    (Seriously, now is a good time to apply.)

  2. Seth,
    in need of help!
    My site broke.
    I don’t know how to fix it.
    You seem to know your stuff.
    I sent Dreamhost an email about 40 hours ago! They have still not replied.
    Any help would be great!

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