Lost: Orientation Theory Roundup

There is so much Lost blogging going on here and other places, I’m almost at saturation, but not quite.

Here are some links to some great theories that grew out of this week’s episode of Lost, Orientation.

Additionally, you can now see the Orientation film online, or you can see what creative domain registrars do with their time.

Don’t forget, I’m selling Dharma Initiative T-shirts!

5 thoughts on “Lost: Orientation Theory Roundup

  1. Hey Seth,

    I mentioned you in a Lost thread on fredtoucher.com forum… hope you don’t mind. Did you post back with the Shirt link? Good stuff, keep it up!!

  2. Eli says:

    Everythimg that I’ve been able to find about Hanso is new. I think that it was purposely created by the Lost authors. I doubt whether there is a real-lie Alvar Hanso. You can’t even navigate into any of the “Hanso Foundation” links. Good take-off on Albert Nobel, especially with the Nobel awards announced this week

  3. Spanky McFister says:

    I tried looking on your blog to see if anyone gave you the answer to the “snowman” riddle/joke, I could’nt find it. Anyway, I believe the answer is “Do you smell carrots”?

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