Lost: Everybody Hates Hugo

I don’t have many thoughts about tonight’s episode of Lost, Everybody Hates Hugo, except for the fact that the producers really have set Hurley up as the luckiest man on the island. Michael being the unluckiest.

Here are my talking points:

  1. What is the device inside the hatch?
    Doomsday device? Nuclear generator? Time machine?
  2. 23 tail survivors have dwindled to, what, 8?
    There are the numbers again. Were they all killed by the “others” or the sickness or some combination of both?
  3. Rose’s husband, Bernard, is indeed alive.
    I think fans of the first season saw this one coming.
  4. Hurley’s dream/nightmare involved Jin speaking Enlish/Hurley speaking Korean.
    Not exactly a revelation if you saw last week’s script page on oceanicflight815.com. The bigger question is who was the dude in the chicken suit?
  5. Will there be an island romance (one that is consumated physically)?
    Bernard and Rose reuniting would mean yes, but I’m talking about Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Ana Lucia, Sayid/Shannon or some other combination.
  6. Who provides the voiceover for the “Previously on Lost …” bits?
    My ears say J.K. Simmons, which would make 3 actors who starred in HBO’s Oz (Harold Perrineau Jr. and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje being the other 2).

That’s all for this week. I think next week will be notably more somber than tonight’s fireside beach feast.

UPDATE: I’m selling Dharma Initiative T-Shirts!

UPDATE II: Lurker in the comments appears to be correct, the Chicken Suit was worn by the gas station attendant. See TV Squad’s vid-cap image.

I don’t think Hurley’s boss was the same guy as Locke’s boss, but I’m waiting to review the show again via TiVo. Someone named “Randy” did make an appearance on last night’s episode, though. So says IMDB.

UPDATE III: After reviewing the episode on TiVo, Lurker is right. The man from Hurley’s nightmare wearing the Chicken suit is the gas station attendant.

Other commenters are correct in the assumption that Hurley’s boss from the Chicken Shack is the Randy who becomes Locke’s boss. Which makes sense since Hurley owns a box company as part of his investment portfolio after winning the lottery.

My next question would be what happens to Hurley’s friends Johnny and Starla?

11 thoughts on “Lost: Everybody Hates Hugo

  1. Just a few thoughts and speculations.

    The sickness on the island? I think that may be something to do with the radiation behind the door. Whether it be the radiation itself or some sort of mercury poisoning. Perhaps the ground has been soaked in radiation/mecury and slowly make people go crazy. Is this why the people on the other side of the island have dwindled so much?

    The guy in the chicken suit. I can’t be sure, but is it hurley’s boss? Why is it Jin, I wonder, who speaks to hurley, why not anyone else? Why not Jack or Charlie? He’s had regular contact with them both, he doesn’t really know Jin.

    Ana Lucia, female equivalent of Sawyer something’s gotta happen there!

    Well there’s my load. What do you think?

  2. jason says:

    The guy in the chicken suit is Randy who was Locke’s co-worker who kept telling Locke that he would never be able to go on his walkabout.

    Hurley was said to have owned a box company, and Locke worked for a box company. And after Hurley won the lottery the chicken mascot where he used to work was struck by a meteorite. So Randy worked for the box company, then worked as a chicken and is now dead.

    Also the missing child on the milk carton in Hurley’s dream is Walt, but Hurley does not yet know that Walt is missing.

  3. Well touche…

    So Randy was Hurley’s boss? Makes sense/

    Maybe the dream is somehow a message to hurley from Walt? He’s letting him know he’s missing by invading Hurley’s normal dreams.

  4. IMDB confirms Billy Ray Gallion playing Randy in last night’s episode. Oddly, they don’t list anyone playing Randy in “Walkabout” but I’m sure it’s him as well.

  5. Lurker says:

    the guy in the chicken suit was the guy at the gas station that sold hurley the winning lottery ticket. he ran up to the van at the end of the episode, calling out, “that’s him.” he is in imdb, should you care for factchecking.

  6. So there are conflicting reports about who was in the chicken suit. IMDB does, in fact, state that “Randy” makes an appearance in this episode, but I can’t find any record of Locke’s boss “Randy” on IMDB, just this “Randy”. Same guy or not?

    I haven’t seen the episode a second time via TiVo, but I’ll update the post when I do my own detective work.

    Lurker makes an interesting suggestion as well. It could be some “Randy”, either Locke’s boss, the gas station attendant, or Hurley’s boss.

  7. Here’s my take on things.

    The chicken suit guy = the gas station guy
    Hurley’s boss = Locke’s co-worker/boss = Randy

    I caught the chicken suit thing last night while the episode was on, but I missed the Randy thing. I knew he looked familiar but the chicken suit guy looked more like Gael Garcia Bernal than Randy.

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