Sick Day Recipe

For the record, the stomach both sucks AND blows.

Here, then, is my recipe for a sick day:

  • 32 oz. Gatorade, Lemon-Lime
    I feel guilty having to use the crutch of a Gator-labelled product during the week of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (Go Dawgs!) but no Powerade was available. I’m suffering twice.
  • 17 Saltine Crackers
    Yes, I kept count
  • 2 Catherine Keener movies.
    Most of Being John Malkovich and the tail end of Death to Smoochy, both on Comedy Central
  • 1 hour of Celebrity Poker on Bravo
    Kevin Nealon won.
  • 90 minutes of blissful slumber
  • No Vomitting

Stay tuned for the next sickness, when you’ll hear our hero decry the lack of soft bathroom tissue in the loo.

One thought on “Sick Day Recipe

  1. Lurker says:

    i’ve been trying to talk my wife into letting us buy those “moist” wipes.
    sounds very gangsta to me.
    the missus won’t have it.
    looks like i am going to need to find a new wife.

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