Still Perfect

Nothing about Saturday’s victory by my Georgia Bulldogs over the Arkansas Razorbacks was perfect.

DJ Shockley was injured and will miss the Flordia game.
UGA gave up entire acres of rushing yards.
Joe Tereshinski was less than inspiring at times.

But, the one statistic that matters, wins and losses, stayed completely in favor of wins.

Now I don’t think Georgia can stay perfect this season, especially not with the hated Gators looming in Jacksonvillle. But for one more week, at least, they’re number 4 in the BCS and are still on track to win the SEC East.

I’m cautiously optimistic that this team can gain some strength from the victory and rally around Tereshinski this weekend, especially against a shaky Florida team.

Go Dawgs!

One thought on “Still Perfect

  1. Lurker says:

    i agree.
    i think it depends largely on how restored the defensive line is by saturday. their offense doesn’t outweigh us by 20 lbs a guy like arkansas did.
    hit leak a coupla times, real hard, and he’ll get rattled.
    get to the 30 (OUR red zone) and kick it for 3.
    i feel as good about florida as anybody else.
    but man, that week of rest would sure come in handy right now, eh?

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