America’s Next Muppet

A six episode series entitled “America’s Next Muppet” is coming to ABC for Summer 2006. Currently a pilot script and 5 additional script outlines have been ordered. If Disney/ABC dig the pilot, then the additional 5 episodes will go into production. [USA Today]

From Muppet Central:

The short-run reality-TV spoof is sure to be a fun and entertaining series that Muppet fans will enjoy. The reported premise is that Kermit and the other classic Muppet characters are setting up a talent contest to find the newest member of the legendary Muppet troupe. All kinds of new wacky Muppet characters and wild new Muppet acts will audition for the panel of judges (such as Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo) who will be the reviewing the performances.

For those Muppet fans that don’t want anything new and different, you can always take this announcement too seriously and sign Danny Horn‘s Save The Muppets campaign. I don’t necessarily think muppeteers replacing current or past performers isn’t such a bad thing. If more people get to experience the Muppets live or on-screen (big or small) that’s a boon for Henson, Disney and the fans.

Sure, the two things – America’s Next Muppet and replacing performers – aren’t necessarily related, but they flow easily into one another. The show will spoof the search for new talent, while Disney actively campaigns for finding new talent.

Whatever. Agree or disagree, it means more Muppets, which, in my mind, can only be a good thing.

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