McBlog: McChronicles, McDonald’s and Customer Evangelism

What to make of The McChronicles?

If you’re an obsessive fan of something, and aren’t we all (check my URL) then you immediately understand the impetus for this McDonald’s blog.

If you’re a random Googler or Yahooligan, you’ll get insider-y info from what appears to be a respectable, trusted source. BLOG == Better Listing On Google. Seriously. Start a blog and you’re an instant expert. Or Vice Versa.

If you’re McDonald’s, you do nothing? Seriously?

Josh Hallett has his own thoughts.

Mine? I think that, without a doubt, saying nothing is much more telling than saying the wrong thing.

As Hugh Macleod has said (I think), if nature abhors a vaccuum, then Cluetrain abhors a gatekeeper. Staying silent lets someone else rob you of your own power.

Look at this week’s Google brouhaha. Sure, they might not have answered all the questions brought up by bloggers, but their own blog mentioned the new developments in the works. They’re at least participating in the discussion.

To McDonald’s I say this: get in the game before it’s too late. If you don’t say something, people always assume the worst. Just look at what happened to Dell and Kryptonite locks.

It’s better to fail where everyone can see you, then succeed where no one can.

And, just to clarify, The McChronicles is a fan blog and not out to “get” McDonald’s, though they can be critical. That’s what blogs can do best: deliver tough love from your best customers. Embrace that.

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