TBS Very Funny Texas Hold ‘Em

I was trying to be the first person on the internets to blog about the game I’ve been producing for work, TBS Very Funny Texas Hold ‘Em, but the game’s developer beat me to the punch (thank you, Technorati).

It seems that the inimitable Sean Gleeson is not only a great Flash developer, but also quite the blogger. I’ve piggy-backed off his efforts and used his graphic for this post. Thanks, Sean!

TBS Very Funny Texas Hold 'Em

[The game is in support of the special Earth to America – sunday, november 20 at 8/7c on TBS]

What are you waiting for? Go play some poker!

One thought on “TBS Very Funny Texas Hold ‘Em

  1. Peter Zerfass says:

    Good game, but there’s a bug in “very funny texas hold ’em”. Whenever a computer player goes ‘all in’ you are not given the option to simply match his amount but must go ‘all in’ also (even if you have more than him).

    If another (richer) computer player then goes ‘all in’ after you you are stuck with risking way more than you might have wanted to.

    example (with bug):
    computer A: ‘all in’ with 10000
    only possible response by me (if I want to keep playing): ‘all in’ with 60000
    computer B: ‘all in’ with 80000

    Now I’ve put all my money on the line without wanting to (I simply wanted to try and eliminate computer A with a crappy hand – but for 10000 it’s worth a shot). But if computer B now wins I’m out of the game.

    example without the bug:
    computer A: ‘all in’ with 10000
    response by me: match those 10000 (call)
    if computer B then goes : ‘all in’ with 80000
    then I should still be able to fold.

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