Lost: Abandoned

Wow! What an episode! ‘Abandoned’ was certainly worth the three week wait.

First, the spoilers were dead on about the dead castmember being Shannon. My wife hadn’t even read the spoiler and from the opening sequence remarked “Shannon is a goner.” The outcome was telegraphed from the beginning, but we both assumed she had the “sickness” almost until the very end.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. If you’ve got audio of Walt talking this time, let me know.
    I’m betting it’s something completely different this time. Something like “don’t follow me or some surly latin chick will shoot you.”
    UPDATE: TV Squad has the mp3 of Walt talking backwards in Lost: Abandoned.
  2. Sawyer’s pronunciation
    Like every good Southerner, he says “Ponse duh Lee-on”
  3. Sayid and Shannon having sex.
    Certainly not the first couple I thought would hook up. I was even fairly certain that Sayid reaching for the gun was the precursor to him saying “I can’t do this.”
  4. Charlie and Locke.
    I like that some of the minor sub-plots from last season haven’t died out. Will Locke act on the knowledge that Charlie has drugs? Will Charlie get jealous of Locke spending time with Aaron?
  5. Is Cindy dead or just captured.
    I’m licking my chops for all the gory details regarding the “others” and their capture of the tail survivors.
  6. Ana Lucia’s trigger finger.
    I could not be happier that Ana Lucia cost someone their life. I’ve been waiting for some comeuppance on her part for several episodes. It’s all the sweeter since she spent the entire episode bitching about Sawyer.
  7. The Whispering.
    What is it? Why does it occur? What purpose does it serve? Is there a message in it? Can I write another question?

A few more stray thoughts:

  • Libby, the psychologist, has the best read on Sawyer of anyone on the island.
  • Shannon was more broken than I would have previously thought, abandoned even. šŸ˜‰
  • I think having Sawyer permanently handicapped would be an interesting plot device.

I’m really just stoked that the storyline will now turn back to the beginning and focus on the tail survivors. I’m happy Rose will be reunited with her husband. I’m ecstatic that Ana Lucia has made a foe of Sayid. I’m on pins and needles to learn anything about the “others” and their methods.

The hatch, the Dharma Initiative and Hurley can all wait until later.

Onward Lost!

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8 thoughts on “Lost: Abandoned

  1. ThE JafF says:

    A couple points. In the episode where Shannon first saw walt (all wet), there are whispers before she sees him. One of the last ones before Walt appears is backwards (like Walt) and says simply “Shannon”. It sounds like Boone, but it might not be.

    Lastly.. Sawyer’s LEFT arm is shot up. You have the member of Russeua’s (sp?) team who lost his arm, Dr. Marvin Candle (left arm), and now Sawyer. This is the second possibel reference to Twin Peaks.. the first being the backwards talking. Maybe Walt is in the lodge.. heheh

    Oh yeah.. perhaps the 6 project hatches on the island, that correspond to each of the six disciplins mentioned in the orientation video, will end up with the proper corresponding number of survivors from the crash.. 4, 8, 15, 16, the second hatch, swan.. I just the writers remember to count the baby.. hehe

  2. Just a few thoughts I had about the ep…

    1. Is this yet another case of “young girl has sex and dies”? You know, the horror movie classic setup where the person [or at least female] having sex is the next one up to die?
    2. And this one’s reeeally evil. Wouldn’t it be kind of funny if the rest of this season was the back story on the tail section survivors? Serve us right for getting all that information so early in the season. Tee hee.

  3. cnt says:

    Anyone else think that Alvar Hanso is Shannon’s father? We get a glimpse of him in his casket and to me, looked like him a bit. could possibly be a reason why Boone & Shannon had to die..

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