Walt talking backwards on Lost: Abandoned

What did Walt say? redux, I suppose.

Via TV Squad, I’ve listened to a backward loop of Walt talking to Shannon. Here’s my very easily derived analysis.

I’m completely confident he says, “They’re coming and they’re close.”

I can’t tell whether he’s referring to the “others” or the tail section survivors.

It seemed like he led Shannon right to her death, so I’m inclined to think Walt’s role was to reconnect the plane survivors. He succeeded, I suppose, but only at Shannon’s expense.

Do you think he meant to kill Shannon?

And I’m still hocking Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirts.

3 thoughts on “Walt talking backwards on Lost: Abandoned

  1. Michael says:

    No I don’t think he meant to kill her. Remember… when she and Sayed see him, he says SHH! I think he was trying to reconnect them, but he knew what would happen and tried to warn shannon to be quiet. She wasn’t and Ana shot her, thinking she was an other.

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