Sony Bravia Superball Ad

So Sony has a very viral and engrossing ad for their new television, the Bravia, that’s been the buzz of the internet since the filming took place earlier this year. This kind of advertising is entertainment in and of itself and is the kind of thing that really gets passed along.

Here are a few Flickr photos from the filming, via Gridskipper:

more bouncy balls

Originally uploaded by sem.


Originally uploaded by sem. has some cool amateur video of the “event” as it transpired.

You can also watch a huge Quicktime of the extended commercial at the official site.

Music in the spot is Heartbeat by Jose Gonzales.

One thought on “Sony Bravia Superball Ad

  1. Best. Commercials. Ever.

    Right now my favorite ad has got to be the Spike Jonze Gap ad. If you ever wanted to see the staff and customers of the Gap have a total freak-out and revolt against the sterile, preppy consumerism they embody, this is it. It’s “Gap as p…

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