Auburn loss

I’ll be honest, four days later and Georgia’s loss to Auburn still stings.

The Good:

  1. Georgia still controls it’s own destiny.
    Beat Kentucky and they’re in the SEC title game against (most likely) LSU.
    Lose and you send Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks to Atlanta.
    Alabama, Auburn, Florida and South Carolina do not have the luxury of being in the driver’s seat. Georgia still does.
  2. That game could not have been more exciting and well-fought.
    You like to win those games at home after a bye week though.

The Bad:

  1. The botched two-point conversion.
    Missing one is OK, but nullifying the option to go for 2 because of a penalty is infuriating.
  2. Leonard Pope’s offensive pass interference.
    It was (maybe) a holding penalty against an offensive player. A 5 or 10 yard penalty, possibly. No way in hell that’s a 15 yard offensive pass interference. I’ve seen more contact between schoolgirls playing patty cake.
  3. 4th and 10.
    How do you not drop 8 men into coverage on the most obvious passing down of the ballgame? HOW?!?!?!?!?!

The Ugly:

  1. Mark Richt is 2-3 against the fighting Tubbervilles.
    Plainsmen. Tigers. War Eagles. Whatever the hell they are, the Bulldogs under Coach Richt have a losing record against them. Makes me nuts.
  2. So many Georgia kids playing for Auburn.
    Alabama has good talent in state. If Auburn can recruit ours, shouldn’t we be stealing some of theirs.

The Indifferent:

  1. Georgia over LSU?
    Part of me thinks that if LSU turns it over like they’re prone to do (and UGA forces turnovers), UGA will win. But is this the lucky LSU that beat Auburn and Florida or the team that lost to Tennessee?
  2. One SEC team in the BCS.
    I think the BCS is a more tragically flawed system than the old polls and conference tie-ins. If you’re going to fix something, fix it. Don’t just cover it up with some tape or a band-aid. I want a real playoff, but I’m too depressed to think that it will ever happen.

One thought on “Auburn loss

  1. Excellent points, every single one of them.

    Rusty at Radical Georgia Moderate brought up a scary point. Spurrier beat Florida and Tennessee and *almost* Georgia with essentially a high school team. Once he starts recruiting, the SEC will likely become Spurrier’s bitch. Again.

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