Think Carol Kane as Valerie, the screaming wife of Billy Crystal’s “Miracle Max” in The Princess Bride. Just play the sound of her shouting “Liar!” in your head for a while, because you’re gonna love this one.

You see, 10 days after September 11, 2001 on September 21, 2001 the president received a daily briefing that stated unequivocally that Iraq had no ties to Al Qaeda and vice versa. Further, it stated that Saddam Hussein considered Al Qaeda a dangerous enemy to Iraq. Even further still, Hussein felt that any actions taken by Al Qaeda against the United States might get him in trouble. Eerie, no?

Read Murray Waas’ excellent article for the National Journal for more.

I heard about this shit-storm this evening on the Majority Report on Air America, while listening to the always informative Sam Seder interview Murray Waas.

So this newly-exposed report, the 9/21 PDB, puts to bed the notion that anyone in the Congress had the same information during the run-up to war as did the Executive branch. Hell, they only acknowledged it’s existence during the summer of 2004 and still refuse to share the full report with Congress.

If the Administration’s views/facts/assertions and what have you hold water, then why fear the release of one report? I fear, however, that this smoking gun document is a mushroom cloud.

Boom, W!

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