Lost: What Kate Did

Tonight’s episode of Lost, What Kate Did, is the last new episode for the year 2005. The second season will continue in 2006, but fans like me are stuck waiting until January for new episodes.

Lost: What Kate Did promised to be a revealing and exciting episode and I was far from disappointed. Holy shit, what an episode.

First, a silly lark, the Lost Beardwatch:


  1. Michael
  2. Eko
  3. Sayid

Staying Stubble:

  1. Jack
  2. Sawyer
  3. Locke

Here are my observations, in no particular order:

  1. Black Beauty
    Are there other horses? Are they descendants of horses from the Black Rock? Would riding this particular horse lead back to the others?
  2. Walt
    Is it really him on the other end of the computer? Will communicating with him trigger another incident? Will the blast doors seal (as was foreshadowed)?
  3. Kate
    • Arsonist
    • Murderer
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Resisting Arrest

    Anything else I’m missing? Killing your pops is pretty fucked up, but then again, so is getting sold out by both people who should have been your parents.

  4. Island Love
    Sayid’s lost love, Kate and Jack’s kiss, Sun and Jin’s marital relations. All good.
  5. Dharma Initiative
    Wish I could still sell the shirts – give me the rights, Disney! Plus, hopefully they’ll put the full video on the Hanso Foundation website.
  6. Sawyer’s hope
    The saddest part of any Lost episode to date was Sawyer asking and briefly believing that they’d been rescued. Harsh.

If you’re new to Lost, now would be a good time to catch up. Watch the re-runs, have Santa bring you the Season 1 DVD set (me too, Kris Kringle) and read Paul Scheer’s Lost for the Lost.

That’s all for me tonight.

2 thoughts on “Lost: What Kate Did

  1. Lurker says:

    the missus and i watched each others’ jaw drop as this episode ended. definitely has potential to be #1 for season 2 thus far. and i think what i appreciated most about it is that the writers seem to be able to disregard the fans entirely. we spoke about additional dharma facilities and they are doing that, but they seem unconcerned with what other people are saying per show’s direction. so far, so good for me. on par with its initial season. which is a hefty compliment.

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