Muppet Movie Reviews as Podcast

So Statler and Waldorf have been doing their balcony schtick for for a little while now. Greg at The Muppet Newsflash has done a great job of blogging the bi-weekly events that take place between the two old curmudgeons, but now they’ve gotten even hipper.

Steve Rubel is reporting that the Muppet stalwarts have launched a podcast!

I haven’t had a chance to listen myself, but seeing as how I only ever watch perhaps a quarter of the movie reviews, I may or may not get to all the podcasts.

In it’s favor: I can subscribe via iTunes listen at home or work.

Against it’s adoption: I don’t see many movies anymore, negating the need to watch or listen to movie reviews.

Rationalization: I should be watching and listening anyway, since I’m a huge Muppet fan.

So there you have it, Statler and Waldorf: the podcast.

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