The Casual Web and Hobby Economy

There are many monikers for the changing face of the internet here at the end of 2005:

Web 2.0
Consumer Generated Media

Those are all well and gone (hey, I’ve blogged them all previously) but now other folks outside of the bloggerati are starting to catch on to the new world order of the web. Witness:

Seth Godin is calling it the hobby economy: regular folks sharing their interests, their photos, their band’s songs and their ideas online.

Ken Leebow calls it “intertainment” and references Forbes and “social media”. Pretty soon all sites will cater, in one way or another, to content generated by the people who surf there.

Evan Williams (Odeo, Blogger) in his Ten Rules for Web Startups advises developers and others online to be user-centric.

So I think the rest of the internet and folks in general are coming to see just how empowered they can be via the internet. And I’m a person who thinks this bubble, the “blog bubble” if you will, won’t burst. At least not like the previous internet bubble, because that one was about technology, this one is about people.

And people are getting more numerous and more connected as the days go by. The emphasis on the user today is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Enjoy the power we all can wield: Start a blog. Get a Flickr account. Write a review for Amazon.

Do something online.

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