My Lost Dharma Initiative T-shirt appeal to Disney

Here is my appeal to Disney regarding Lost Dharma Initiative T-shirts.

Full text of my email to the intellectual property department at Disney:

To whom it may concern,

I am a HUGE fan of the ABC television show Lost and a member of the
official fan club. After watching the second episode of this year’s
second season, I went online to find a t-shirt with the Dharma
Initiative swan logo. When I didn’t find one, I made one myself.

Going forward, I would like to make these shirts available to other
Lost fans, since ABC, the producers of Lost, Disney, and the official
fan club do not offer a similar shirt themselves. I would like to
request official permission to sell my shirts online. If I need to
pay a licensing fee or share revenues, please let me know the best way
to go about garnering the necessary rights and approvals.

I really do love Lost and I want to show my support for the show in
any way possible. I know other fans feel the same way and would
gladly purchase shirts. Please help me sell them legally.

Thanks for your consideration.

Seth Miller

I’ll keep you posted of any and all responses including rejections, contracts, cease and decist letters or lawsuits.

Thank you all for your patronage and patience.

5 thoughts on “My Lost Dharma Initiative T-shirt appeal to Disney

  1. I imagine ABC’s response will be:




    And then, since you’ve alerted them to the demand, you’ll probably see your shirts on their website within a week or two. It’s a depressingly cynical attitude, but I probably would have just made the shirts and sold them as fast as I could until I got a cease and desist letter and then stopped. Good luck.

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