Oliver Willis for President

I don’t read O-Dub because he’s the most reasoned, rational liberal blogger but because he’s not. I admire his tenacity, his fire and his approach – it’s the kind of passion that Democrats are so often accussed of not being able to muster.

All of this makes his most recent post, The Case for Leaving Iraq, all the more compelling. When Oliver sits down to write a long missive and not just a diatribe, it’s usually a good thing.

In order to fight the global war on terrorism, it would be advisable that we remove the bulk of our force from babysitting the burgeoning Islamic republic (see Iran) that is growing in Iraq (and getting killed in the process), and put our military back to work at the job September 11th foisted on them: destroying the terrorist scum around the world who seek to destroy us and our allies.

A majority of the Iraqi people agree. *sarcasm*Why do they hate freedom?*sarcasm*

I only wish there were more Murthas and less Liebermans around. Our current position is untenable and a logical next step would be to plan for the future given the present conditions, not the perfect conditions (which never existed in the first place).

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