SEC Champs!

My Georgia Bulldogs are SEC Champs!

UGA – 34
LSU – 14

SEC Champs

This victory pays back LSU for their 34-13 win in the 2003 SEC Championship Game.

The Dawgs staked out an early lead against #3 LSU and never looked back.

I never thought that DJ Shockley would complete 3 passes in each half and I’d be ecstatic about it!

The numbers looked only OK, but that’s only if you’re looking at a stat sheet and not the scoreboard. Hell, look at the field and you saw domination.

2 back-breaking long TD passes by Shockley and a defense-befuddling TD run.
2 amazing interceptions
1 great coaching staff (thank you for staying with the run on offense and stuffing the run on defense)
1 SEC title (2 for UGA’s senior class in 3 appearances total for those seniors)

I couldn’t be happier to be a Dawg right now.

See everyone back in the Dome for the Sugar Bowl where we’ll face the couch-burning Mountaineer horde of West Virginia.



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