Best. Commercials. Ever.

Right now my favorite ad has got to be the Spike Jonze Gap ad. If you ever wanted to see the staff and customers of the Gap have a total freak-out and revolt against the sterile, preppy consumerism they embody, this is it. It’s “Gap as post-millenial, post-hip, hip fashion statement”. It works.

A close second to the Gap ad is the Sony Bravia “Superball” ad. I’ve blogged it before recently, but a discussion yesterday with my next door neighbor makes me reconsider just how awesome it is. An ad that truly shows instead of tells about its subject. Brilliant and actually very moving and uplifting. Oh, and it’s selling a TV.

While I’m on the subject of ads, I gotta plug for my day job. We’re showing the Funniest Commercials of the Year on TBS this month. You can watch the Top 10 ads and vote on them online. My favorites are the foreign ads: Toyota Vios, Carlton Drought Beer and Big Pond.

And if you need more lists in your life, try the Fimoculus List of lists. Lots of Top 10s and such for the year 2005.

Happy surfing and ad-viewing!

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