5 thoughts on “Aralai

  1. Steve Bicknell says:

    Yoour 1st link http://www.globespotter.com/ has a red G to the side of it. Move your mouse to the far right of this. Hold down the left click and scroll up. The “numbers” will now be shown. Click on the red G – A new link to wikipedia will open up. At the end of the description of Gudgeon it says “4815162342. John Locke will save us”. Other than this, not sure of the connection, though Aralai is possibly something to do with the lost city of Atlantis.

  2. Nick says:

    Not sure what the heck that is either. But if you go over the numbers that appear, they have links to various websites. Line 1, the 8. Line 2, the 42. Line 6, the 4. Line 9, the 16. Line 17, the 23. Line 19, the 15.

    I noticed that someone took the “4815162342. John Locke will save us” off the Wikipedia site. Also, the G is in place of an 8. I doubt this site is anything near legit concerning the show, but maybe it could be some type of code. G is the 7th letter. That would give you C, G, N, O, W. And there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, so it wouldn’t fit. Isn’t there some Hawaiian alphabet that’s longer than 26 letters? They are shooting in Hawaii, right?

    Just my two rambling cents.

  3. Pete Baker says:

    The USS Gudgeon is a WWII sub that was lost after 3 years of service in the South Pacific. It was last seen in late 1944 when it docked at Johnson Island, but after this it was never seen or heard from again. Japanese war records shed no light on its whereabouts. (paraphrase from wikipedia)- hope this helps.

  4. MCollins says:

    the line 9 link is particularly interesting, takes you to PB-Sales, a company that has several different interest including cloning and has recently acquired Oceanic Airlines. Unfortunately, don’t think this is anywhere near an official site so although fun, it is waste of time.

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