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I have the great misfortune of being a particularly introspective fellow, especially when it comes to my day job. I’m paid to be a “producer” for TBS.com, but I usually get lumped in with folks who do project management and other, less fun-sounding things.

I really enjoy my title, since it harkens to the greater entertainment industry in which I work. It connotes a certain air of importance and stature that really puffs up ones self esteem.

But I often wonder why people want to relegate me to the (usually) technology-infested (seemingly) dead-end title of “project manager”? I guess my own insecurities and introspection were really tweaked when I read Seth Godin’s Do you produce? this evening.

After careful consideration, I think I’m justified in both my title and in my lukewarm reaction when people downgrade me. I know it’s not really a slight on their part, but I’ve been perceiving it as one.

In this year-end time of self-evaluation and personal holiday thankfulness, I guess I’m proud to say that I produce. I do make things happen; I do make “something other people thought couldn’t be done–or were too distracted to do themselves“.

Maybe I’m protesting too much, but Seth’s words really struck a nerve with me. I really do feel like a leader and that I produce for my employer.

Is it too much to ask, then, that no one call me “project manager” again? I prefer “Grand High Poobah” or “Your Majesty”. 😉

3 thoughts on “I Produce

  1. You have no idea how much that means for me to hear. I’ve spent the better part of the last 12 years trying to find something that will give me the power, respect and sense of self I had that year.


  2. go bulldogs!

    interesting. all the google ads on _this_ page are for
    project management! you have a right to cry the blues!

    then, pick yourself up, and go make something happen!


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