Candy Review: Frooties

I don’t know whether most folks know it or not, but I’m a huge fan of Tootsie Rolls. Always have been; always will be.

My maternal grandmother and great-grandmother used to keep crystal dishes of the individually wrapped confections within easy reach at their homes. If you went to either of their houses, you left in a flurry or wrappers and a faint smell of chocolaty taffy. Yum!

So I was caught a bit off guard when a vendor we’ve used at work, Splashworks, sent a holiday care package containing Blue Raspberry “Frooties“.



Now I’ve had fruit-flavored Tootsies before, but never under the name Frooties. In fact a co-worker had a big bowl of Banana, Strawberry, Green Apple and Grape flavored Tootsies in her cube after Halloween (along with regular chocolate Tootsie Rolls). I swear if I ate one, I ate a hundred. Seriously. Yummy.

My great grandmother used to have an off-brand Tootsie equivalent in her home. It came in flavors like Butter Rum, Vanilla and Hazelnut. Again, yum.

But Frooties, at least the moniker, are new to me. Not necessarily good, because I think Tootsie-like sweets should err a little more to the bitter, nutty or earthy flavors and away from fruits, but I’ll still eat them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Candy Review: Frooties

  1. Those fruit flavored tootsie rolls are like seriously, one of my favorite candies in the whole world. I usually end up eating myself sick when they are within reach. I am such a glutton.

  2. […] Seth over at posted today about Frooties. Frooties? What the heck are Frooties? I wondered if they were a new name for those fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls that I despise so (if it says Tootsie Roll and is shaped like a Toosie Roll, I want a CHOCOLATE Tootsie Roll, thank you very much). Nope – it’s a different (though similar) candy: Tootsie Roll Frooties are soft chewy candies that carry the taste of fresh fruit. […]

  3. katie says:

    wow. i cant believe so many people havent heard of them. they are SO good. i always see them when i play on of those candy crane games. i would always try to get them. now im buying them in bulk. 🙂

  4. Moc says:

    Weirded out, I remember them, but not under the name frooties. They were just tootsies fruit flavored. Idk maybe I’m having a Mandela effect.

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