American Edit

So I missed out on yesterday’s Dean Gray Tuesday (also and that really sucks. I was a participant in the original Grey Tuesday last year, so I would have like to show my solidarity. Plus, I dig this year’s source material (Green Day’s American Idiot) much more than last year’s material (Jay Z’s Black Album).

But I’m no Grinch. I think I can still do good here.

No, I’m not going to mirror the files. Despite the fact that I’m a little bit of a hellion, ne’er do well and general instigator/agitator, I have no desire to be sued by Warner Music Group.

Instead, I’ll just say that your friendly neighborhood search engine can help you out in times of need.

And even if you don’t download the original Grey Album or American Edit, you should support art in all it’s forms. Visit Downhill Battle, Banned Music or Illegal Art to find out how you can help in ways other than civil disobedience.

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