Movie Review: Walk The Line

I guess I knew Walk The Line was going to be more about the early years and the romance of June Carter, but I wanted something a bit more. The scenes of Elvis, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis were great in the beginning, but I wanted a different ending – something more about the music and the man.

Still, Joaquin singing, boozing, pill-popping and carousing makes for good theater. Reese Witherspoon was excellent as well. I’m guessing one of them wins an Academy Award (though not both, and neither one for this film) at some point in time.

So, to put a final spin on it: something more than a mean daddy (Robert “T2” Patrick) and a dead brother made Johnny Cash into the man he was. Something else burned in him more than some smoldering love of June Carter or the music.

This was a story that was made a little too easy and palatable for the sake of a better than average love story. Does that work for you? It does for me, but I still want more.

Johnny? What do you say?

Johnny Cash

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